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Hello I should start by giving you a medical history I am 26 I had a liver transplant in 98. I have one child 14 months old  I am currently on a birth control pill called errin generic for micronor it is a type of mini pill I have been on it sence febuary it was making my periods longer 8 days instead of 5 days but it never made me late or miss a period however  I am currently 7 days late for my period I have had 2 pregnancy test one at a Dr office and one at home both are negative I have some signs of a period but no bleeding can you tell me if this is probably because my birth control is stopping my periods after 6 months of being on it or if something else could be wrong?

The most common side effect of the mini pill is irregular bleeding, including missing periods.  If you were pregnant, a pregnancy test (first morning urine) would generally be positive by the time of a missed period.  As long as your pregnancy test is negative, I think it's safe to assume that the missed period is due to the pill.  You may or may not get more periods while on the mini pill.  The only problem with not getting your period on the mini pill is that it makes you wonder if you're pregnant.  Other than that, it's not harmful.

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