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My periods have always been irregular.  I never knew what day I'd get it, but all I did know was I would have a period every month.  However, recently (for two-three months now) I've been noticing that I no longer have a period every month or no longer have symptoms of ovulation which I would normally feel each month (sore breasts, discharge). I would skip one month and maybe the next month only have brown spotting.  I am sexually active with my boyfriend.  I do plan on having kids one day, but it worries me that I've stopped ovulating and having periods completely.  I don't want to go on birth control for regulating my period as I had issues in the past with blood clots. What else can I do to jump start ovulation or my period? Are there foods I can eat perhaps?

I don't know of any foods that will help you to ovulate.  However, maintaining good health and a good weight (not too thin or too fat) can help.  I wouldn't recommend birth control pills, because that only gives regular periods but doesn't help ovulation.  Usually not ovulating is a fairly easy problem to treat, since taking clomid for 5 days each month will generally cause ovulation that month.  However, there is no reason to take clomid until you wish to become pregnant.  If you do go more than 2 months without a period, or begin having irregular spotting, then your doctor can prescribe progesterone pills to bring on your period and prevent problems with excess buildup of the uterine lining.

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