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Birth Control/ru486 - cytotec and mifeprex detection


Hello, I would like to know if I choose to take Mifeprex and Cytotec, and have all the symptoms of an abortion/miscarriage, will my primary OBGYN be able to detect that I took the medications to induce the abortion if I don't tell her? are the medicines detectable via the typical tests she would perform in this situation? can she perform a separate test? will she be suspicious at least of what truly caused the pregnancy to end??

Thank you. I have some decisions to make, and I'd like to be informed.

Your doctor will not be able to detect that you took the medications to induce the abortion.  An abortion caused by mifeprex and cytotec will be the same as a natural abortion, except that bleeding and spotting won't go on as long as it sometimes does with a natural miscarriage.  Unless you act suspicious, I doubt that your doctor will be suspicious that it was anything other than a natural miscarriage.

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