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On January 8th I had a pap smear and for the first time the OBGYN also did a test for gonorrhea, papillomavirus etc. The process this time was quite painful, I felt the scraping and I felt it more than once as I guess she had to take multiple samples. For the first time, I am experiencing very slight bleeding. It's on and off and seems to fade but then comes back after I urinate or defecate. I am not having sex for fear it will get worse. The pap smear came back clear but I am worried about this very slight bleeding. I know it is very slight as when I wipe myself with tissue paper it is pink. I have read it's normal to bleed for a day or two after a pap smear, but this is the 4th day, should I be concerned? I don't have any other symptoms. thank you for your time.

It's true that it's not unusual to have slight bleeding for a day or so after a Pap smear.  It's a little unusual that you're having bleeding for 4 days, but I doubt that it's anything to worry about.  If the bleeding were due to cervical changes or and STD, your tests would show it.  Assuming you've been having regular periods, I would just give it a little more time.  If the bleeding lasts for a week, then I'd contact your doctor.

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