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I am about to start Orsythia birth control however, the timing of my period will be terrible. I have a two week vacation coming up and no matter what my period will fall on one of those two weeks. Is there a way to skip this next period? I heard that if you skip the blue/green pills then you will skip the period. If I do this, will the birth control be ineffective? Also, if skipping the blue/green pills is not an option can I just start the pack two weeks after my period and have it be effective before the period after that?

I'm so sorry that I just got this question. Sorry for the delay. I would not advise to skip your period because of health concerns. Your body is made to function with your menstruation every month. To skip this is not natural. What did you end up doing? I also don't usually recommend hormonal birth control. Please email me so we can talk about options. My email address is
Hope to hear from you soon.

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I can answer questions about the various methods of birth control. I have done much research about side effects and risks of birth control methods. I can answer questions like "What would be the best method of birth control for me?" and "What are the advantages of birth control pills or condoms?" I have almost 25 years of experience volunteering with pregnancy resource centers. Please contact me at if you would like to know more information about your situation or if I am "Maxed OUT".


I have almost 25 years of experience in counseling women about birth control and family planning.

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I have worked with Pregnancy Resource Centers for almost 25 years.

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