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Hello and thank you for taking your time to answer my question.

I had my first period at 13 now I am 30 years old. My periods come regularly, at about 30 days and last for about 5 days. My last period was between 1 and 5th February and my next one is supposed to come sometime around the 1st of March. I am not currently on birth control.

I would like to delay it until the 10th of March.

I know you're supposed to take birth control the first days of your period, but I didn't do that so I'm wondering if I could start taking the pill now and stop on the 10th of March.

Doctor has previously recommended YAZ pills (Drospirenone/Ethinyl Estradiol), a few years ago for ovarian issues and some pain and I used them then.

Do you think it would be ok for me to start now, although my period has ended, so I can delay it until the 10'th of March?

Thank you again for your answer.


Hello Linda,
You could try starting the pill now and continuing until March 10.  The problem is that when you start in the middle of the month, you'll often have breakthrough bleeding during the first pack of pills.  If the breakthrough bleeding isn't too much, maybe it will work out ok for you.  If you do get bleeding within the first week or so, then I would stop the pill, wait 4 days, and start a new pack.  Hopefully you'd get your period early that way, and all the bleeding would stop when you started your new pack.

The pill works very well to regulate periods, and once you're on the pill, you can usually have your period whenever you wish (within reason).  However, once you're in the middle of a cycle, it's harder to choose when your period will come.

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