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I am 17 and have a lot of questions about getting on birth control without the help of my parents. How can I get a prescription for birth control? Where can I go that will give me a prescription without my parents knowing?  Will it cost a lot? I feel very stuck and frustrated as it seems like there are not many places that will help me. Thank you

Hi Kailey,

Most states, including Virginia, state in the law that a minor is considered an adult in matters related to birth control.  That means that doctors and clinics must treat you as an adult regarding providing birth control.  They must respect your privacy, and for them to notify your parents without your permission would be a violation of federal OSHA laws.

If there is a Planned Parenthood office near you, they will certainly respect your privacy and provide birth control.  Other than that, you could probably look on the web to find a clinic or doctor's office.

Planned Parenthood usually has a sliding scale for cost, so that the less you earn, the less you pay.  Planned Parenthood also has a very good website with lots of information about birth control.

Medical care tends to be expensive.  Birth control pills can cost from $30-50 per month.  Here is a site to help with the expense  If you're getting this without your parents help, you'll have to pay yourself.

Some places have free or low cost clinics, so you may be able to find that, perhaps online.  Best wishes.

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