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On do here's the facts, my girlfriend has been on the pill (not sure what kind) for about 6 months and has been pretty responsible with it. So today's the 14th, she usually takes it everyday at 7 am, so yesterday, the 13th she took it on time but forgot the morning of the 14th. On the 14th about 14 hours after she was supposed to take it we had unprotected sex. About an hour or two passed and she remember to take it so she did. I did not ejaculate inside her, and she got off her period 5 days prior to sex so shes not ovulating yet. Should I be very concerned that she is pregnant?

I am so sorry but I just got your question. I realize it has been some time now so what happened in your situation? It is slightly possible that she could get pregnant but if you are sure you did not ejaculate inside her, small possibility but possible. If she has any doubt, she can go to a pregnancy resource center and get a free pregnancy test there. Please reconsider having sex at this time if pregnancy will be a problem. Why have worry and concern in your life about this? Let me know what happens and what you think. My email address is

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