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Can plan B cause spotting 2 and a half weeks after taking it?!?!???

I took plan B 2 and a half weeks ago 5 hours after sex, now I'm three days late on my period and spotting. Idk if its the beginning of my period because it's super light or if its implantation bleeding or if it is because of plan B? Please help?!?!? Could I possibly be pregnant or is this the plan B throwing my period out of whack?!?!? I'm scared!!!! Andy Ideas???

It's not unusual to have spotting and a late period after Plan B.  Since you're late on your period, it would be best to do a pregnancy test.  As long as that's negative, I would assume that your spotting and late period are from the Plan B.  It's too late for implantation bleeding, which usually comes about a week after conception (unless you had unprotected sex a week or so ago).  Give things a little time, and your periods will usually get back to normal.

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