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Ive been taking birth control at 10:30 most nights and experiencing nausea in the middle of the night / early morning as a result. I just started my new pack 3 days ago, amd switched to mornings. Unfortunately,  I find this much worse than night time nausea.  I wish to return to taking my pills at night. My boyfriend and I had sex the day after my period ended ( first day of my new set of pills) if I switch over to taking my pills at night today, and present that time difference with the distribution or hormones,  am I risking pregnancy?

It's best to not go more than 24 hours without a pill.  You could do that by taking one in the morning, then one at night.
In the future, I would suggest switching to a different pill, perhaps one with less estrogen.  Hopefully that would stop the nausea.

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