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Birth Control/Vaginal irritation, stinging, burning, and itching after sex


On Tuesday I had sex with my partner and was really sore afterwords, I think I was a little too dry and ended up feeling uncomfortable. The next day I woke up feeling like the inside of my vagina was inflamed and swollen. It's also been sore, irritated, burning, and itching (internally and externally) ever since. It shouldn't be an STD as I've only ever been with my partner and he's been tested. While the irritation is somewhat similar to a UTI (I've had one before), there's no painful or frequent urination other than slight discomfort because the area is irritated so I doubt it's that. I also started my period the same day so I've been wearing pads instead of tampons, but that also means I can't go see a doctor. Do you think it's possibly a yeast infection? I don't notice any discharge but I am on my period so it's difficult to tell. I've been using some leftover external vaginal anti-itch cream from a previous yeast infection and that does help stop the itching a bit. Should I try to treat with a Vagisil kit maybe? I don't want to pay for a kit if you don't think there's much of a chance of it being a yeast infection.

It may be a yeast infection.  I think it may be worthwhile to try an other the counter yeast cream (inside and out) to see if that relieves your symptoms.  If it was a yeast infection you should feel much better in a day or two.

Vagisil is primarily an anesthetic and doesn't treat yeast infections.  It only treats the symptom.

Another possibility is that this is genital herpes.  Inflamed, swollen, sore, burning are descriptions of how genital herpes feels.  Your partner could carry herpes, and a test won't show it unless he's having a breakout, which many people with herpes don't have.  With herpes, you can usually see small ulcers, so I would look carefully for them.  If you don't see anything like that, then I would treat for a yeast infection.  If you think herpes is possible, then I would see your doctor, and a herpes culture will either confirm or deny it.

In the meantime, sitting in warm water with epsom salts will give much relief, regardless of the cause of the irritation.

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