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Birth Control/3 combined birth control methods and pregnancy chances?


I am 18 years old and started having sex with my boyfriend. We are being as careful as we possibly can. Switching condoms if one is slipping off and so on. We are taking as many precautionary steps as possible. If i have been using the depo provera birth control shot for two years, and use a condom every time i have sex, along with the pull out method, how likely would i be to get pregnant?

Hi A, Thanks for your question. I really would recommend that you don't have sex at this time of your life. You sound very worried about being pregnant and if you do get pregnant, what would you do? I can't tell you the exact percentage of chances. I am also concerned if you have been using depo provera for 2 years. There is a possibility of side effects from this hormonal bc method. Please email me at so we can talk more. Write soon.!

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I can answer questions about the various methods of birth control. I have done much research about side effects and risks of birth control methods. I can answer questions like "What would be the best method of birth control for me?" and "What are the advantages of birth control pills or condoms?" I have almost 25 years of experience volunteering with pregnancy resource centers. Please contact me at if you would like to know more information about your situation or if I am "Maxed OUT".


I have almost 25 years of experience in counseling women about birth control and family planning.

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