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Birth Control/Accidentally took placebo pills instead of active?


I started my period on Tuesday (3/25) of last week. I took my placebo pills and everything was fine. Sunday morning, I started my new pack. I apparently got distracted and took my placebo pill instead of my active pill. Then I did it again monday, but I caught myself this morning (Tuesday). I read the instructions on what to do and it said to take sunday and Mondays active pills together and then Tuesday and Wednesdays together tomorrow morning. Well stupid me, I took Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays active pills this morning!!!!! I'm so stupid. I've never messed up on my pills before. I've been on them for a year and half and haven't missed a pill until last Sunday. I had unprotected sex on Sunday, thinking I was protected, but obviously I wasn't. Am I safe from pregnancy or no? And did I totally mess up my cycle? Could the fact that I've been taking my pills regularly and not messing up, keep me from being or getting pregnant? Please help. Thank you.

Dear Mariah, I recommend consulting your doctor or your pill provider about your question. My in my opinion, I would think that you would somewhat be protected from mostly constantly taking your pill correctly. But there is always a chance of pregnancy. No birth control method is 100% safe in preventing pregnancy. Also, yes, the additional quantities of hormones taken together could alter your normal cycle.

I don't recommend any kind of hormonal birth control pills because of possible problems and long-term symptoms. You might want to do some research about birth control pills and think about another method of birth control if you don't want to be pregnant. Let me know what happens. You can email me privately at

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