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Birth Control/Reccomended Condom Use After BV


My wife recently had a bout with Bacterial Vaginosis.  It has finally gone away, but her doctor has recommended that we use condoms for the next 30 times that we have sex.  Wheat exactly is the reasoning for this?  Can the bacteria possibly lay dormant in my penis for a period of time or something?  Also, unless we have sex every single day, this seems like it's going to be an awful long time to use condoms for us.  Does this seem normal to you?

That seems like an unusual recommendation to me.  However, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is still not very well understood, and we don't know why some women tend to get it.  It's known that treating male partners is not helpful, but it's possible that using condoms will help prevent recurrences.  However, if it did help, it's also quite possible that when you stop using condoms, she may get BV again, since there is something about having sex that seems so increase the chance.

If your wife has only had one bout of BV, I doubt that it would be worthwhile to use condoms for 30 times.  If she develops repeated episodes of BV, then it might be something to try.

BV is not an infection, but rather a change in vaginal bacteria.  Not douching and decreasing stress seem to help.  Some women benefit from using lactobacillus acidophilus vaginal suppositories on a more or less regular basis.

Again, if she's just had BV once, I might not do anything different.  It may never occur again.

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