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Hi Norman,

I'm a 20 year old girl who is normally on Lo loestrin. Usually, over the summer, with my OBGYN's permission, I stop taking the pill because doesn't allow me to lose weight properly. I'm not overweight, but, I do work out extensively and eat well and the pill effects my normal routine. I'm not sexually active over the summer, which I am while I'm away at college. Therefore, she is okay with me doing this.

As of now, I'm off the pill and feeling great. However, I do out of the blue have a new sexual partner. I do not want to go back on the pill for this, because I want my body to regulate back to normal.

I'm curious of how effective it is to use a condom and withdrawl before the man finishes, because this is the most likely approach I want to take.


Condoms are considered to have a failure of 15 per 100 couples per year.  That means that using condoms for 1 year, out of 100 couples about 15 will get pregnant.

Withdrawal alone has a variable rate of effectiveness.  If always used correctly, in 1 year 4 couples or 100 will get pregnant.  If not always used correctly, in 1 year 27 women of 100 will get pregnant.  Most guys aren't very good at withdrawing in time.

Combining any 2 methods of birth control are additive, meaning the failure rate will be less.

So it's hard to say exactly, but this gives you some idea of the effectiveness.  

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