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I am currently taking Amethia as my form of birth control. My boyfriend and I had sex and the condom broke. I need to know what I should do about my birth control. Should I stop taking the pill since I could be pregnant and that could harm the baby? If I do not quit taking it, how will I know if I am pregnant since I am only supposed to get my period every three months anyway? When would I take a pregnancy test if I did continue on the pill? Thank you very much for your time

Hi Brittni, I just received your question so sorry for the delay. Have you found out anything yet? I'm glad you knew to be concerned about taking the pill if you are pregnant. Tell me more about why you only get your period every 3 months. Is this because of your birth control method? I'm not familiar with Amethia. Please contact a local pregnancy resource center to find out when you could take a pregnancy test. They usually offer free tests. Go to or and click on the worldwide directory. Please email me at so we can talk more.

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I can answer questions about the various methods of birth control. I have done much research about side effects and risks of birth control methods. I can answer questions like "What would be the best method of birth control for me?" and "What are the advantages of birth control pills or condoms?" I have almost 25 years of experience volunteering with pregnancy resource centers. Please contact me at if you would like to know more information about your situation or if I am "Maxed OUT".


I have almost 25 years of experience in counseling women about birth control and family planning.

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