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Three months ago, I asked you a question about flax seeds and if the phytoestrogens found in flax seeds will have an affect on my menstrual cycle. I had irregular periods that would show up 4-6 weeks apart. You asked for an update if I noticed anything positive or negative changes.

I have been taking a tbsp mixture of flax seeds and chia seeds in my daily diet (6/7 days) since I have asked you that question and have noticed some changes in regard to my menstrual cycle. My periods have become regular, showing up before the 28 day mark. I haven't implemented any other changes in my life, other than adding nonfat, no flavor greek yogurt to my daily diet and changing up my workout routine by adding some weights. Stress levels and all other factors of my life seem to be the same as usual.

I'm not sure if the flax seeds had any part of this change, but that has what happened since I started incorporating them into my diet.

Thanks again for your previous answer. :)

Thank you for the update.  It's very interesting, and surprising.
One way to know if the flax seeds are making the difference would be to stop the flax seeds, see what happens to your periods, and if they become irregular, start the flax seeds again.  It may or may not be coincidental that your periods became regular after starting flax seeds.

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