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Birth Control/Birth Control For Life?!?!


Hello. I am not sure if my situation is common, but here it goes.

First, my history:
I had abnormal cell growth on my cervix (about 10 years ago) that resulted in a coneoscopy (sp?). I have scarring on my cervix that sometimes bleeds during sex. (SO annoying)
Fast forward to now:
I supposedly have had many cysts on my ovaries (not enough to be diagnosed with poly-cystic syndrome, though)that have been causing problems. I was put on birth control to see if they minimized/went away. They did not. Thus far they are not changing in size or numbers (or so I'm told). I began to have migraines with the birth control, so my doctor took me off them immediately and scheduled my appointment for the next year. I suppose he wanted to see how my body reacted. About 4 months in without birth control, I felt great emotionally, wasn't as tired, and had an awesome sex drive. I thought that was great. A short time later I began to feel so much pelvic pain and discomfort. It radiated around to my lower back, ran down my leg, and it literally felt like it was my bone that was aching. I grew concerned, because the pain was mainly on my left side and I thought it was the cysts. After a few months i went back to the doctor who compared my symptoms to endometriosis but again no diagnosis. He gave me the depo shot to thin the lining of my uterus and plans to put the 5 year birth control thingy in me. I asked if I could get my tubes tied instead of the birth control. He suggested that it might be pointless because i may have to take birth control anyways to regulate problems.
The shot made my pain go away almost completely the first month. I am now on my second month, got a period and my pain is back but not as strong.  
My question is: Am I always going to have to take hormones to regulate my symptoms?!?! If I opt not to take hormones, will I be in pain forever and just have to deal with it?
Do you think I should get a second opinion?

Sorry so long, Debra

Hi Debra,

It's hard to put everything together and figure out what is going on.  So I would definitely advise a second opinion.  It's very hard to know whether you may always need to take hormones.  I guess it may be possible, at least until menopause, since your pain is apparently related to your periods or your ovarian cysts, and both disappear at menopause.

It's really hard to know, and I think if you get a second opinion, the doctor will need some time to try to put it all together.  Best wishes.

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