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Birth Control/Dry pre-ejaculatory fluid cause pregnancy?


So me and my girlfriend have not had sex and we want to wait until we are married, but we do take action in foreplay. We dont put our genitals together at all and everytime we did things we were fully clothed. Well one night i saw her and she was giving me a HJ and i did NOT ejaculate but i put my "junk" back in my pants and i have gotten a tiny amount of pre-cum on only one finger. I did notice this, so i waited until it was dry COMPLETELY, then i fingered her for about 3-5 mins. Basically i was just wondering if DRY pre-cum can really cause pregnancy? even though my genitals never came in contact with her genitals? As of right now she has been late on her period for 2 weeks now and is experiencing pregnancy symptoms BUT she always gets pregnancy like symptoms before her period. the only thing that is new that she has not experienced alot is her lower-ab feels tight all the time. What do you think could be happening here? please help im really scared and worried. Thank You!

I think that the chance of her becoming pregnant from dry pre-cum on your finger is about 1 in 10,000.  It might not be impossible, but pretty close.

Women often get late periods from stress, which I suspect is happening to her.  She could be sure by doing a pregnancy test, since it will always be positive by the time there are symptoms.

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