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Birth Control/pulled pelvic floor muscle?


Dr. Solberg,

This is a rather embarrassing question for me to ask my doctor in person, so I am hoping you can help me.  I had a D&E a little over a month ago for a miscarriage.  Since then, I have experienced a little bit of pain during orgasm.  It seems to be localized to the right side pelvic floor area.  I would say it feels muscular in nature and rather deep since there is no pain when doing Kegel exercises.  I have no vaginal pain with penetration. Nothing hurts when I poke around the perineal area.  Orgasm is the only time I experience it. Also of note, I do experience slight pain and a pulling sensation down in the pelvic floor/groin area (also on the right side) when I do certain aerobic exercises that involve stretching the legs out or if I try to push a heavy object with my right leg.  This came about after having a pretty deep tear from giving birth to my first child in 2007.  I was wondering if it was possible that some muscle down there could get pulled during the D&E procedure, causing this pain with orgasm?

Thank you for your time.



Hi Melody,
Pain during orgasm is apparently pretty common, but it's one of those things we doctors don't understand very well.  I suspect it's related to the uterine contractions that are common during orgasm.  I don't know how that might be related to the D&E procedure, but perhaps there is a little scarring or inflammation of your uterine muscles from the procedure.

In any case, painful orgasm doesn't seem to be related to any serious disease, and it seems that it usually goes away on its own with time.  Taking ibuprofen or something similar before sex may be helpful.

There is a pretty good discussion about it here

Best wishes.

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