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Birth Control/Skipped placebo regimen messed up schedule?



All I want to know is if it's normal that I haven't started my period yet: I attempted to start a skipped period regimen with orsythia, (monophasic) I've skipped placebos and taken active pills every day since early May and had two periods anyway, I suspect because i was on a low carb diet, it makes you bleed a lot. The last time one of these periods started was June 10. Like i said, I just kept taking active pills every day through it. Now I took two pills at once a couple of months ago so I've been behind by one day technically, but I figured as long as I've been taking active pills for 3 weeks it shouldn't matter. However, i took my last active pill on the 4th, because I realized my insurance wouldn't refill my prescription in time. Allegedly I should be bleeding when I stop the pills, but I haven't started a period yet. I'm going to start the new pack tonight in any case, since I've had a 4 day break and I read somewhere that was a recommended amount of time to pause to resume a period after skipping. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Is it weird that I'm not bleeding or did the attempted result of the skipping placebo regimen just finally start working? I've decided I'm far too paranoid to skip periods.

Thank you so much!

Dear Mary, I would not advise skipping a period or periods. To me, it is abnormal to your healthy schedule. There is a reason our bodies were created a certain way and in my opinion, not healthy to interfere with your natural cycle. Can you just go back to normal? And are you sexually active and need to be on the pill? Why not try a more natural birth control method if you really need one? Please write me at so we can talk more.

Diane Cheryl

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