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I have read different opinions online about the chances of conception if you rinse out the vagina after unprotected sex. Some websites say this may decrease your chances of conception, some say that it might increase your chances because it actually pushes the ejaculate towards the cervix. So my question is:

-If you rinse out with just water directly after sex, does this increase or decrease your chances of conception during the fertile phase of a woman's cycle?


I've never seen a scientific study on this.  I think the general medical opinion is that washing out the vagina after sex will have no effect on whether you get pregnant or not.  Sperm are up inside within seconds of ejaculation.  I suspect that if a woman washed out the vagina immediately after ejaculation, it would decrease the chance of pregnancy somewhat, but even 20 seconds later probably wouldn't have much effect.  I doubt that it would increase chances of conception.  Sperm do very well swimming on their own.

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