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Birth Control/PCOS affected or not?


I am 21 year old female , I have regular periods(28 day cycle) but suffer from acne, excess hair on body, slightly overweight, hair loss my dermatologist asked me to get these tests done. Please tell me if I m affected with PCOS
FSH : 4.72 mIU/mL
LH : 4.47 mIU/mL
testosterone: 30.6 ng/dL
DHEAS: 161 ug/dL
Insulin(fasting): 12 uIU/mL
T3 : 88.19 ng/dL
T4 : 6.13 ug/dL
TSH : 2.49 uIU/mL

I believe that you do not have PCOS.  Your test results are mostly normal except for the high fasting insulin.
Women with PCOS do not have regular periods.  The main problem in PCOS in not ovulating, and there are always menstrual abnormalities.  I don't know why you have excess body hair and normal testosterone, but I would suspect that it's familial.

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