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Hi Dr. Solberg,
  I have PCOS and have been on a mini-pill for a little over a year since I was breastfeeding. Now that I have weaned my baby.. I am looking to see if I should change my pill.  My main concern is because I recently learned that the mini-pill can be abortive. I would prefer a pill that allows me not to ovulate at all, therefore no chance of abortion because no fertilized egg would be destroyed.

  I hadn't been on the pill in many, many years. However, now that I have been for over a year I really have liked it because it helps my hormones stabilize from the PCOS.  I prefer a pill that doesn't have heavy hormones and something that is a little more all-natural.

I have PCOS, insulin resistance, and acid reflux. Those are my only health issues. I take Omezaprole and Errin (currently).  Do you have any thoughts/suggestions for me?

I am fine if the pill isn't 100% effective. My hubby hates condoms so that's not an option.

I appreciate your help with this!

Usually the combined birth control pill is a very good treatment for PCOS.  I would ask your doctor for a very low dose combined pill.  The mini-pill is good while nursing, but the combined pill is generally better once you have finished nursing.  The combined pill usually prevents ovulation, although it's not 100%.

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