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Birth Control/Coitus interruptus, ECP given, suspected IB, two negative pregnancy tests. Chances?


Dear doctor,
This may not be the correct forum to reach you, but please oblige me as I had no other alternative.

My girlfriend finished her period on 29th of July, and on 10th August we indulged; I did not ejaculate inside her, but only penetrated and withdrew immediately. Within 24hours she took the emergency pill.

However she showed no signs of any bleeding or nausea, until on 22nd August, 4 days before her due period date, she had cramps and then she had a good flow of blood for a couple of days. It looked like a normal period, only that it lasted shorter, just two days compared to her normal 3-4.

On 26th August she took a home pregnancy test: negative. Another one on 31st August, 3 days after her due period date; negative again.

What are her chances of being pregnant? There are no other symptoms, except some occasional very mild pain and sensation in her lower abdomen.

Chances of pregnancy are slight.  You didn't ejaculate plus she took emergency contraception.

If you didn't have intercourse again after 10 August, and if it was a first morning urine test on 31 August, then there is no chance that she is pregnant.

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