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I have already asked someone this question but didn't get an answer so now I am asking you. I already have my beliefs and don't need anybody pushing the pill on me or telling me I should not  take the pill. I just need the facts and a simple yes or no would work. If you want to elaborate with more facts that would be awesome and if you want to tell me your opinion that's cool too, just be clear on what is fact and what is your opinion. I want to make my own mind up on what I do with my body. Thanks so much. Here is my question that nobody wants to answer lol. Thanks for reading. I'll just get straight to my question. On my birth controle information insert it says in my own words, that it stops the production of eggs, thickens the mucus to hender sperm, and reduces the lining in my uterus so a fertilized egg can not attach or survive because there isn't enough nutrition to support life. Does that mean that if I take my pills correctly at the same time every day that there is still a possibility that an egg can be produced?

Most women on the combined birth control pill don't ovulate, so no egg is produced.  Rarely, an egg might be produced, so I can't say that there is no possibility of an egg being produced.

Taking your pill near the same time every day makes it very unlikely that an egg would be produced, but there is a slight possibility of it happening.

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