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I had my first Depo-Provera shot on June 26th. It was August 13th when I began to bleed. This bleeding has still not stopped. On September 24th when it was time for my second shot in hopes of stopping the bleeding that Depo-Provera gave me I switched to  Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo. When will this bleeding stop? Should it stop when I start my next pack or during the placebo days or will it probably continue for much longer? I need help this has ruined my sex life and I am so tired of buying pads!

Usually the bleeding will stop or greatly decrease by the time you're a few days into the second pack.
If it gets better but doesn't completely stop, I would continue for another pack.  Be sure to take the palcebo pills as directed.
If it doesn't clear up by the third pack, try a different pill.

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