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I am on my third month of Birth Control Microgestin 1/20 to be exact, and last month on Oct. 12th is when I missed a pill, now it's been a few days shy of a month since that day and that is the only pill I have missed. I am pretty good about taking my pill when I need to everyday. Sometimes an hour before or an hour after I'm suppose to.
my boyfriend happen to finish inside of me for the first time today and I'm just nervous about getting pregnant. I know my birth control is a low dosage and I guess I want to know the risk of pregnancy and if I should take Plan B pill or not. can you help please?

Since it's been almost a month since you missed a pill, I assume that you've had a period since the day you missed the pill.
If that's true, then the missed pill is irrelevant.  It's actually irrelevant anyway, since even after missing  pills, a woman on the pill is protected again after being on the active pills daily for 7 straight days.
I don't believe that I've ever seen a pregnancy in a woman who takes her pill every day around the same time (within an hour or so), although it apparently happens.  But the chance of pregnancy is extremely low as long as you take your pill every day, whether he finishes inside or not.

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