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Birth Control/Mirena effectiveness after 5 years


Hello Dr. Solberg,

I am 30 years old and in South Dakota. I had a Mirena inserted in August 2011 after my child was born. I do not need it for contraception, as I am married to a woman and monogamous. I use it to control endometrial hyperplasia from not having periods due to PCOS. It has also nearly eliminated my endometriosis pain.

Because I don't need it to prevent pregnancy, is it effective longer than 5 years? My insurance is a grandfathered plan and won't cover removal of my old one or insertion of a new one, and I don't want to switch methods. I have migraines and a blood clotting disorder and from what I understand, the pill isn't a good option for me due to that.

Thank you!

Some studies have shown that the Mirena is effective for 7 years.  I suspect that it may continue to release progesterone longer than that.
Whether it would still be effective longer than 7 years for controlling endometrial hyperplasia, I have no idea.

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