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Birth Control/Pls help me dear sir I m so scared


QUESTION: Dear sir/madam,
I'm 17 years old and my girlfriend is 15 years old...we met up yesterday at a friends place and we started making out and then removed our clothes. We did not have sex and I made sure that my penis doesn't touch her vagina...I m scared if some of my pre cum may have fallen into vagina while we were cuddling even though I didn't let mine touch be honest I wasn't that wet either..I remember seeing a really small amount of pre cum on my penis....I would like to know if it is possible for her to get pregnant by this?
The most important question is that she started taking birth control pills before 3 days we did it..her last period started on 31st January and she started taking the pills on 24th February? Is it immediately effective because she took the pill like 3 days before the period? Pls help me on this..I m so scared and suffering with anxiety right now.

ANSWER: She won't get pregnant from pre cum or from sperm that are outside her vagina.  Sperm have to be inside her vagina for pregnancy to occur.

Birth control pills are effective once a woman has been on them for 7 days.  Starting the pill near the end of a cycle often results in breakthrough bleeding.  Since she has only been on the pill for 3-4 days, I would recommend that she stop the pill, let her period come, then start a new pack.  Once she's been on the pill for 7 days, she will be protected.

She can't be pregnant now, since you didn't have intercourse.

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QUESTION: Dear sir/madam,
I m so scared that she will be pregnant even though I didn't have intercourse. Pls tell me this. I m so greatful to you. If she had her last period from 31st January for a few days...and started the pill on 25th February which is a few days before her period (like 3 days) is it immediately effective? They say it's immediately effective if she started it on the first day of her period but what if she started it like 3 days before? And this incident happened on the 4th day of the pill and it's been 2 days now but till now she didn't have her periods since she started the pill...dear sir/madam pls help me on this....I m scared and suffering with high anxiety.

ANSWER: The pill is effective immediately when started the first few days of a period.  Otherwise it is not effective for 7 days.

So she was not protected by the pill.  But she won't get pregnant without intercourse.

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As u said she's going through breakthrough bleeding it because that she took the pills on the last few days of the cycle? Does this mean that she's having her normal periods coz the pill is not powerful enough to withstand it? She hasn't missed any pills either...or does this mean that the pills are effective in preventing pregnancy now? And sir does this mean that shes having her normal period time even if it's spotting and the pills are immediately effective?
Thank you,

She's having breakthrough bleeding because she started the pill at the end of her cycle.  She is protected after being on the pill for 7 days, whether or not she's having bleeding.

While on the pill, she won't have her normal periods.  She'll either have a period at the end of the pack (during the placebo pills) or she may have breakthrough bleeding.

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