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I'm afraid I can't get pregnant. I'm 33, 70 lbs. overweight, and just quit smoking. I had Mirena, but got it removed a year ago. I track my cycles: menstruate every 31 days, 4 day menstruation, ovulate on day 17 (using a stick test to detect hormones). I've never been diagnosed with endometriosis (I do get yearly exams), have never had a STD, and my periods have always been regular, without extreme pelvic or abdominal pain. My doctor says it's not necessary to do a fertility test and I should be patient, but I'm not getting any younger and my husband and I are not getting any less stressed about this. Should I demand a fertility test? What could be taking so long? Oh, we also have unprotected sex. I guess that part is kind of important.

I think you need to see a new doctor.  If you've been trying to get pregnant for 1 year, it's time to see a doctor and have some testing.
From what you say, you're having regular ovulation each month, so the most likely problem is with your partner's sperm.  He needs a sperm count.  Then go from there.  Best wishes.

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