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my periods started on 28th feb and it usually end after 3days i.e 28th feb 1st march 2nd march in between i had unprotected sex on 2nd march the 2nd day of my periods my partner had slightly intercoursed his penis  in to my vagina but not so deep and didnt ejaculate at all but on that day  after 8hours i ate Ipill(emergency contraceptive pill) and next 3days i checked from the pregnancy kit and it came negative  im scared please tell me is there any chances of pregnancy?

If you're having regular periods, there is almost no chance of pregnancy from sex during the first few days of a period.

Emergency contraception will eliminate most pregnancies that might have occurred.

A pregnancy test won't be worthwhile for about 2 weeks after sex.

With regular periods, sex during your period is generally safe.  For sex at other times, it's best to use some type of birth control.  Emergency contraception helps, but also causes bleeding and late periods.

So with regular periods, you don't have to worry.

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