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I had a baby in September of 2014.. Had my period in October, then again in November when I started birth control (Junel FE) on the first day of my period.  It lasted for 2 weeks, I took my pill and skipped the placebo pills in December and January and then had some spotting for about 10 days in February.  I called my dr, they advised not to take the pill correctly so my body can get back to normal from having the baby.  So I had a normal period in March and now, I started taking the placebo pills Thursday night, today all I have is light light brown spotting with some brighter blood in it.  Is this normal?  Of course I googled it and it says a sign of cervical cancer is spotting instead of your period so now I am freaking out.  My last pap was March of 2014 and was normal.

Forget the stupid information saying that spotting instead of a period is a sign of cervical cancer.  Completely untrue.

It's normal to have very light periods or just spotting while on low dose pills.  Sometimes periods get so light that they don't come at all.  As long as you get some spotting when your period is expected, that's a period and nothing to worry about.

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