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I stopped my birth control mid-pack because I didn't like the side effects it was giving me. A few days after I stopped I got a heavy period or what I thought was a period since I had the same type of cramping and flow but this was my second period in one month since I started my birth control on the last day of my normal period. Since then I've had protected sex (with a condom) a few times. It's been about 30 days from the last day of my "period" and I have been having cramps and sore breasts, but only a little spotting when I wipe. It is usually light pink or brownish in appearance. Is there a possibility of pregnancy or is this just because I stopped the pill?

It's probably because you stopped the pill.  It's common for the next period to be late after stopping the pill.  The spotting suggests that you may have not ovulated since stopping the pill.  Hopefully it will take care of itself with time.  If not, see your doctor.

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