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My husband and I decide to try for baby #3.  With our first I stopped my pill in August and had a 35 day cycle then we conceived.  With our second I stopped the pill in October, had a 21 day cycle then a 25 day cycle and then we conceived.  After he was born and my period returned it was 28 days but then I started on the pull again when he was 7 months old per my OBs suggestion for heavy periods accompanied by awful migraines.  Then a few months later she had me do continuos pills as the migraines were unbearable still.  I tried going 3 packs but kept having break through bleeding right after pack 3 was started so I just went 2 packs and it was working ok.  Period started like always, the Wednesday of the placebos.  When we decided to start trying I stopped after one pack and period again started the Wednesday of the placebo.  Since we just started trying and I haven't had a period yet (19 days since last period) I was wondering if having done the continuous packs will really screw with my cycle now that I am not taking anything.  I have always taken a generic for Ortho, lowest dose.  I am also wondering, since I haven't had a period yet I have no idea if it will be 21, 28, etc days so at what point do I test for pregnancy/when do I consider my period late?  Thanks!

When a woman stops the pill (whether she's been on it continuously, one month, or any other way), her next period will often be late.  It just takes your body a little time to get back to normal.

So my recommendation is to not really try until you've had one period off the pill.  Then your usual cycle will usually be back, and you can predict more or less when your next period should be.

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