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Birth Control/what to expect when you go off Microlut


I have had a baby 13 months ago and I have been on Microlut since he was about 6 weeks old.
I am planning on going on coming off next month and I just wanting to know what am I to expect coming off it? I tried looking on the pamphlet but it didn't have the answers I wanted.
I had a very regular period before I started the mini pill.
1.Do I get bleeding or a period straight away? long till my period goes back to normal?
thanks in advance

Assuming that you are not nursing when you stop the Microlut, you will likely resume your regular periods fairly soon.
It's hard to predict just when your next period will start, but it could be anytime in the next month.  Once your periods start, I would expect them to be like they were before, unless there have been other major changes, such as weight gain or loss.

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