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Hi Norman, I just have a quick question about my birth control. I've been taking it for three years and haven't missed one. This past Saturday I went to take it with a McDonald's soda and straw. My concern is that the pill, being so tiny, may have fallen through the straw causing me to not have taken it. I didn't feel it go down, but I usually don't due to how small it is. I checked the cup immediately after I took it and I didn't hear or see anything. So now I'm not sure. Am I going crazy, or can that happen? When I first started taking pills, I was scared to take them, so my doctor suggested a few ways and one of them was to use a straw so I thought I'd be ok. Also, on Saturday, I took another pill that was slightly bigger than my birth control. I took it with the same soda as my birth control and it still went down. So I don't know. I think I'm just being paranoid but I just want an experts opinion. Thank you!

It's a little confusing.  But it sounds like most likely you did take your birth control pill, so I wouldn't worry.
Even if you miss one pill, the chance of pregnancy is very small.  You might wish to use extra protection for the next 7 days just to be sure, but I'm not sure it's really necessary.

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