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So a few weeks ago on 3/13 I MAY have missed a pill. Highly unlikely though because last week I got my period. I just started my new pack of pills this past Sunday. My period usually stops on Sunday or on Monday, but it never continues in to Tuesday. Well, I just checked I have a little bit of light brown discharge/spotting, which unusually get on Monday, not Tuesday. I'm so confused. What's going on?

Last week I was a bit stressed because I was afraid my period wouldn't come, but it came right on time. It was very light though. Which I'm not used to. Could that be why I'm spotting right now? I'm nervous. I got paranoid now every time I take my pill because I'm afraid it didn't go down. For example, yesterday morning I went to take my pill but I took it with vitamin water and I was scared I didn't take it or that it fell in. My boyfriend reassured me by showing me that pills don't dissolve in water so if it did drop I the vitamin water, I would've see it and I didn't so I know I took it. I just don't understand why I'm spotting. I also had sex with my boyfriend on Saturday with a condom, but it broke but he pulled out before anything got in, if that helps...

Also, if I did miss a pill on March 13th, when should I be protected again? Or if I missed a pill yesterday when should I be protected?

Thanks in advance!

As long as your period came when expected, that's pretty good evidence that you're not pregnant.
Women on the pill will sometimes have some variation in how long their period last or how heavy it is.
If you did miss a pill on March 13, you'd be protected once you'd been on the pill daily again for 7 days.  However, you're still pretty well protected even missing one pill.

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