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I hope you are well.  I am a 44 yr old woman and have been on and off the pill (Microgynon) for years and am pretty good at taking it, I am also a non smoker.  

My question is this: On February 22nd I was on my placebo week and had sex with my other half (who had a vasectomy in the 80s) and since then I have missed 2 periods so took a pregnancy test after missing the fist one, which came back negative so waited to see if I would get my next period (which I didn't) so took another test, which didn't work, but I did get very light brown spotting.  So rather than mess about taking more pregnancy tests I went to see my doctor who then sceduled me to have a blood test and I am now waiting to get the results in 10 days.  

My stomach feels bloated but apart from that, I have had no other signs of pregnancy and am wondering if it could be the peri menopause?  I am thinking that seeing as I am actively taking the pill and his vasectomy, it would be really unlucky for me to actually be pregnant?

I look forward to hearing from you and thanking you for your time,


Hello Emma,
Some women stop getting periods while on the pill.  It's not a big deal.  As long as your pregnancy test was negative, I would just keep taking your pills as usual.
If you prefer to have periods, you could ask your doctor to switch you to a different pill.  However, not having periods on the pill is not harmful in any way, and some women prefer it.

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