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Hi, my daughter is 14 years old and struggles with acne. So far the creams and medications the dermatologist has tried haven't helped.  I know birth control pills can help some girls with this, however is it bad to have a 14 year old on bc pills? She also gets bad cramping so I suppose that could be another benefit but she's so young it makes me nervous. Have you seen much success and which pills are typically used? Thank you"

It's not bad for a 14 year old girl to go on the pill.  As long as she's having periods, she has the same hormones already coming from her ovaries.
The pill is also the best treatment we have for menstrual cramps.  It helps relieve cramps for 90% of women that take it.
Most birth control pills will improve acne.  There are some that seem to do this better, usually the ones that are more estrogen dominant.  Her doctor can help her to choose a good one.

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