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Hi I'm was prescribed Vestura (Yaz I guess) for acne and I'm supposed to start the pills this Sunday. I am 14 and not sexually active. Anyway I saw online that there are serious issues with Yaz like the blood clot risk is so much higher than other pills and there are lawsuits and things. I want to try the pills but I'm kinda scared after seeing all that. How do you feel about it? Would you let your daughter take it if her acne was bad?

Hi Tatum,
It's true that blood clot risks are higher with Yaz, but the chance of blood clots are still very small, especially for a young, active girl like you.  If Yaz was really very dangerous, the FDA would have taken it off the market years ago.  Blood clot risks are much higher while pregnant than while taking Yaz.  Yes, I would let my daughter take it, although there are other birth control pills that help acne that don't contain drospirenone, which is the progestin that is of concern.  Most birth control pills will help acne, and the other two that are FDA approved for acne are Estrostep and Ortho Tri-Cyclen.

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