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Birth Control/Weird Period on Birth Control


teea wrote at 2006-11-06 22:59:21
I'm sorry, but its total bull that the pill "kills" your sex drive. Since going on the pill, I ENJOY having sex with my boyfriend. I have the comofrt knowing that I am on the pill and he is using the condom...I want it all the time.

So bull..I've been on it for a year now.

graham wrote at 2008-11-17 03:45:59
First of all you should be shot because you had a abortion. second you shouldnt have been having unprotected sex if you didnt think their was a posability that you could get pregnant. i have been on the pill for over three years, and its just mind over matter about the side affects. I never once thought about any of that stuff especially never thought about killing myself. But if you dont want a kid then use protection or go on the pill, and grow up and accept what comes to you

Miss Read wrote at 2011-03-19 01:15:39
I think some of the above comments are disgusting.To recommend someone has to "stop taking the pill before you mess up your body and your health anymore than you have already" is ignorant. Many women use the pill without ever experiencing any problems and to advise this woman to stop by using scare tactics is irresponsible.As for saying "you've made the choice, that you've been granted by government decree, you will always have the knowledge in your heart of what you did and how your life might have been different". Who are you to try and guilt someone about a choice they have made by refering to their abortion as them having 'done away with' their baby.Talk about insensitive! The final cherry on the cake is your comment stating "when you find yourself regretting the abortion, please get some good help for yourself".You are blatantly letting your own opinions colour the so called 'advice' you are giving which is both biased and ill informed.My advice to you would be to speak to your  doctor about any concerns and to not listen to the negative drivel this person (who Im guessing is NOT an expert) is talking.

All the best, take care.

lovetroll wrote at 2013-01-24 04:00:29
To the answerer er of the question that brought me to this forum, looking for answers about abnormal period bleeding while on the birth control pill: to be short and sweet:  abortion is an important part of a person's medical history.  Your advice here does not answer the question being asked.  

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Your period is a natural normal function of your body. Protect your fertility. Birth control pills are bad medicine for something that is delicate and easily destroyed. Now is a good time to quit using the pill.

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