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Birth Control Pills/i-pill (72 hour pill) effects


My girlfriend had 2 i-pills (A.K.A morning after pills) in one day. we had sex in morning and It was the 1st day after her periods. Some days later she had vaginal bleeding and she's experiencing pregnancy like symptoms in the second week. Is it the pill? and is it possible for pregnancy symptoms to come so early??

That could be dangerous to her health to take 2 pills in one day. These medications should not be used as a birth control method to avoid pregnancy. Is it possible for her to have a pregnancy test? You can find a FREE pregnancy center location in which to have a test. You can find a location at and click on the worldwide directory. The symptoms she is experiencing could also be caused by the excessive hormones in those medications. Please be careful for her and don't do this again. Let me know what happens. You can email me privately at

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