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I have been on alesse for about a year and a half now. Up until this point I had had no problem. Usually my periods are pretty heavy, start on Tuesday and end around Friday. However this time my period did start on Tuesday as usual, however I only seemed t have it for about a day. I don't think it was the normal flow, however I had used a tampon for that time so I can't really tell forsure. After I switched to pads early Wednesday afternoon I seemed to have nothing on the pads. The only time I would notice that I had my period was if I had just gone to the washroom and whipped, after that it has only been sparse brown discharge. This is very strange for me and I'm a bit concerned. I'm very good with my pills and the only deviation I have made is 15 minutes early, otherwise I take it the exact same time everyday. The only issue I could see on December 22 I had vomited after taking my pill half and hour to 45 minutes earlier. I couldn't tell if I had actually vomited the pill or not though. Unsure I did not take another pill. I was also concerned because I had had sex about 2 days before this, so I began thinking that because I may have technically missed my pill that day I was in danger of getting pregnant from having sex the two days before. However I proceeded to use a condom for the next while, on January 1 I relieved my period as normal and continued to use a condom until around the 7th. Could this be from that? Of had I waiting long enough and having my period in between the time I waited to have unprotected sex again mean it was okay to wait only 2 weeks. I'm very concerned about my abnormal period because I have also heard of implation bleeding so I'm scared this "period" is actually just that. Am I being paranoid or should I get a pregnancy test? If so how soon can I use it?
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Jess, Sorry I was just able to get to your question. I can't really diagnose your situation over the internet. I hope you have consulted your doctor about all of this. You can always get a pregnancy test FREE at a local pregnancy resource center. To find one go to or and click on the worldwide directory. If you don't see one near you, write me and perhaps I can find you a resource. Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms at this time? Will it be a problem if you are pregnant? I hope you will email me and send me any updates up to this time. My private email address is

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