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I have been on BCPs for 12 years, partly to reduce/control endometriosis, and for this reason, I take them semi-continuously (I have a period 3-4 times a year). I have always used Microgynon/Levlen, and used the 50 microgram dose for about 10 years before having to go down to the 30 microgram dose when I moved from Australia to the US 2 years ago (taking it as Portia) as the 50 is not made in the US.

I have not changed anything in my routine recently, but it appears that my body has re-established its own hormonal cycle. Each month, I experience headaches similar to those I get with my period, breast swelling and tenderness, some cramping, but no bleeding. I had extremely regular (30 day) cycles before I went on the pill. Is it possible for my body to re-establish a hormonal cycle even though I am still taking consistent hormones?

That does sound like an interesting question. Have you talked to your doctor about this? Did your previous doctor recommend taking the pills this way. I usually discourage this for most women but I just wondered if your case was a extraordinary situation. Please email me at and tell me more about your situation. Thanks.

Diane Cheryl

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