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For the past 4/5 days I have been bleeding irregularly. I know for sure that it is not my period, my period begins the last Monday of every month (which would be tomorrow August 19, 2013) I have been on birth control for 5 months now with no issues. I usually have very heavy periods, this bleeding has been extremely light (too light to even qualify as a period) and the blood is a dark brown, as if it is very old. I am sexually active, I last had sex three weeks ago. There have been no other issues accompanying this bleeding except some mild cramping time to time. Is it possible I am pregnant? Or could this be an infection? Or something related to the birth control pills I am on?

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Hi Darcy, Sorry for the delay. Did you find out anything yet? You can email me at and update me. There can be breakthrough bleeding when you are on the birth control pill. This can be due to the hormones in the pills. I usually don't recommend hormonal birth control methods because of these side effects. Or it could be pregnancy or infection. You should go to a pregnancy resource center if you want to get a FREE pregnancy test. You can find a location by going to or and click on the worldwide directory. So let me know what happens. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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