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It is safe i take 21 pills (Dianne pills )
I started taking pills on my 5th day of my menstruation and so on, when i finish the pack,
I rest 7 days of not taking the pills and on that 7 days my menstruation come on my 5th day
In 7 days supposed to be im starting a new pack on the 8 days so that will be a new pack
But i accidentally take the first pills on my new pack on my 7 day that it should be on 8 day
Is this safe?  I'm still continue taking the pills in the same time and now im worried if this safe or should i stop it
Please help me because I took the a pill on a wrong day

Hi Juliet, I'm sorry but I just got your question. What did you end up doing? I would advise you to ask your doctor about this or your pill provider. I don't recommend taking hormonal birth controls because I feel that it does not keep your natural cycle. Please email me at and tell me what is happening.

Diane Cheryl

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