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Bisexuality/Bisexual husband not interested in MY sexual needs...


Helen wrote at 2010-05-29 20:40:01
I'm in a similar situation, although my husband hasn't crossed the line as far as yours has. I really feel the need to reach out to you and plead with you to leave him for your sake and the child's sake. Love is blind. I know I'm just a stranger reading your story, but understand that it's a non-biased opinion. Leave him.

ms.K wrote at 2014-01-03 09:59:39
Wow! I am the one who posted this 3 1/2 years ago and just happened to come across a note I wrote about it in an old journal so I looked it up. You asked for a follow-up and I know it's been a while but I am writing this to hopefully inspire any other woman out there that unfortunately relates to this issue in their life right now. It is Jan 03, 2014 and I am happy!! You don't even know how big of a deal it is for that thought to even cross my mind. Happiness. This story of my first year of my marriage was only scratching the surface of the secrets, lies, cheating, drugs and abuse that I went through over the next couple of years. Until I finally broke down and hit my emotional rock bottom and told a friend of mine the truth about everything. The next morning Nov 7, 2012 there was a knock on the door at 8:32am (ill never forget the relief of that moment) my whole family was standing outside my door with a U-Haul parked in my driveway. They packed up what we could and moved me and my two sons out of that nightmare in 2 hrs and I was free. I dont know if you caught that last part... "I was free" :) first off I will admit this past year was hard for me. I had to re-learn how to function on my own without his control, without his perversion and without the abuse. I had to re-learn how to think for myself and love myself and not fear. I still have things im working on but I am so excited to update you and tell you that I am a single happily divorced mother of two amazing boys and if anyone reads my story from 2010 and even slightly relates my advice is simple. Dont walk away. RUN! Run as fast as you can and DO NOT look back! You deserve better but the only person who is stopping you from a life of happiness is you. An that is the absolute truth. You can do it and you are strong enough you just dont know it yet. But there is no greater feeling in this world than that first breath of fresh air once you realize that. Please don't ever think you deserve anything less than true happiness. Happiness is different for everyone but listen to that little voice or that gut feeling you have. Thank you for your time in responding to me and everyone else you help with your advice :) Have a great year!!


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