QUESTION: So I am married I told my wife that I was thinking ab a 3 and having another man and may be me doing things with him and Hume with me she didn't won't to but told me to go sleep with a man since I was wondering what it would be like will I did but have not told her and I enjoyed it so much have been back one other time but I only like the sex not romantic should I tell my wife and does it make me bi to like to sex but not won't to be romantic with a man

ANSWER: Yes you should tell her.  She gave you permission to experiment and out of respect for her you should talk to her about what happened and how you feel.

Yes, in my opinion you are bisexual.  I, too, have no desire for a romantic relationship with another guy, I just enjoy the sex.

Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

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QUESTION: Since my last ? I have told my wife and she was ok with it she did asked to watch us and it was a little wired at first her watching me suck this guys cock and all she was shocked that I was the bottom but I like it much more that way but since then she went and got a strap on she love using on me is think she like it more than when I do her and it gets real good for me when she has a o bc she really works it he'd but I'm glad I told her things have been great since

Well congratulations.  You have done what many closeted bisexual guys would love to but cannot out of fear of rejection from their wife.

It's great that your wife is so open minded about you exploring your sexuality.  It's even better than she wants to participate !  Strap on play can be very exciting for the woman as it gives her the feeling of being in control.  

Have fun, be safe.


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