Bisexuality/does she have a crush on me?


theres this girl i always see at the store, she always smiles at me and asks me if i found everything ok.....and she just keeps smiling at me and staring....well 4 days ago i got into another lane and she was there, but at a diff register and she seen me and was cheesing and grinning and she made a special effort to say hi too me while she was busy with a customer and then she went to the register i was at to mess around with some bags and she kept lookin at me and she said bye still smiling......i did see her today, when she seen me she put her head down and gave the customer her change....but when i went to her register she had this big azz smilie on her face and motioned for me to get into her lane....she then put her closed sign up after i got into her lane.....she asked me the usual and then kept smiling at me showing all her teeth.........then as the girl was going to walk with me, some other chic who was working at a register was like (to the girl i like) is that your natural hair color too turn her attention from me ......this other girl she looks like a big man but shes a girl..... the girl i like did turn and tell me bye and started smiling at me...and turned to start talking to the other girl....i dunno what do you think? crush, friendly?

my brother likes her also but he noticed how she was acting towards me and figured he doesnt stand a chance so he wont hit on her....he said i should ask her for her number since shes showing me that she likes me, he said any woman that makes a special effort to say hi while working with customers and you arent even in her lane

NOW TODAY i seen her and she acted odd , she wouldnt look at me, but she did slightly glance at me and then she got up and went to the back for some strange reason and got some water . she acted as if she was embarrased or nervous about something....that is something shes NEVER done before, she came back to her register and kept her head down and smiled slightly but wouldnt look up.....when it was my turn she said hi softly but kept her head down..... i do like her but im not tryna give her my number in front of everyone, she seems like she has a crush on me and shes EXTREMELY shy about it..... what should i do?

i very rarely see her...this is the first time ive seen her in three weeks..... i want to slip her my number but i dunno how to go about that with tons of folks in line
i was gonna give her my number today but, she was so odd acting and folks behind me was pissed off cuz she abrubtly left and took five minutes to come back......

Dear Alicia,
It's hard telling since you don't see her often and you see her in a store. It is possible especially if shes has been acting quite fond of you and suddenly getting shy. I suggest maybe asking her is she would like to go get some coffee or something during her brake or after work. Just give her your number w/ a note. No one will seem to think anything out of the norm. Hand it to her with your cash or something ;) State on the outside to open later. Hopefully that helps:) Get back to me later and let me know what happens. Good Luck!  


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